Vegan lunch for kids

As a mother I want to give my child the best, so changing our lifestyle and eating habits has definitely been on our agenda since our little girl was born. We have stopped eating meat as a family and are also trying to cut dairy products out of our diet (cheese and butter appears to be the most challenging at the moment; TIPS are welcome!).

Being Dutch we love eating bread for lunch and while I was still living in The Netherlands I found these vegan spreads/butters for children in the supermarket. They are from ‘de kleine keuken’, which means ‘the little kitchen’. I have to confess that I’m sure adults will love them too. At least I do, because they are organic, vegan, taste delicious and it comes in a glass jar! You can choose from:

  • almond butter;
  • strawberry & beetroot spread;
  • mango & pumpkin spread;
  • peanutbutter;
  • apple & pear butter;
  • chocolate spread.

Definitely worth a try if you ask me! For all my Dutch mummies; you can buy them at your local supermarket. I will be trying to make these at home seeing as I live in Copenhagen. I have not found anything similar yet apart from peanut butter. I will let you know how I get on! Very curious though what you all give your child for lunch? Let me know!

X. Anna-Louise

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