Spotting wild deer at Dyrehaven

One of the tips we got from our relocator was to go to Dyrehaven; woodlands with lots of wild deer! It is located just to the north of Copenhagen along side the coast.

We had heard from several people to visit Dyrehaven early in the morning so we would have the biggest chance of spotting any deer. We didn’t really take up on that advice, seeing as we went in the afternoon. It wasn’t really planned, but after we had done all our grocery shopping, the sun broke through and we decided it would be nice to go for walk and escape the busy city for the afternoon. Not really expecting to see any deer at all.

After driving up to Dyrehaven, which is a 20 minute drive from the city centre. We decided to walk up to the ‘Hermitage’ – King Christian’s old hunting lodge, which lies on top of the hill. After only walking for about 15 minutes, we soon discovered that this land was filled with lots of trees, small lakes but also wide open fields. A very diverse countryside! As we were walking we spotted some deer in the distance. They were far away though, but we were so happy we spotted some.

Reaching the Hermitage we discovered that the view was breathtaking. On the west side you look out over open fields with hundreds of deer. On the east side there is a wonderful view of the sea. We could even see Sweden. I can imagine the King made some very happy memories here. The Nordic air is so fresh!

On our way back we took a different route – it was really muddy! But so worth it: we saw so many deer. As we were walking they were either grazing beside our path or running over the path together.
After really enjoying our spontaneous afternoon out, we headed back home feeling really relaxed and calm. A lovely way to spend some quality time together.

If you are ever in Copenhagen I highly recommend a visit to Dyrehaven. Great for children too as there are many fallen trees to play on and lots of wildlife to spot. I can imagine it being lovely here in every season!

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